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Incredible stories, woven together to tell the life-changing journey of hope and 10 million shoes, all in this keepsake book!


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“My first trip with SF, I thought that I was just going to Africa to take pictures,” Boan says. “It was much more than that, and it rocked my world.” The first person’s feet he washed at the refugee camp in Uganda—filled with people who had fled the violent civil war to the north in South Sudan—was a woman named Rose. She had bloodshot eyes and feet that were bloodied, scraped and scarred. She explained to him that when her town became engulfed by war, she tried to grab as many kids as she could and fled. In the havoc, her blind father and a couple of her own kids got left behind. For five days she and the children fled barefoot through the African bush until a truck picked them up and took them to the border. “Trying to be careful not to ask too many private questions, I couldn’t help but ask her, ‘How do you find hope?’”


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